2018 Cohort Info

Who is this for?

This is for anyone wanting to be apart of a community of practice that aims to multiply disciples and plant healthy churches, starting with lostness, that multiply to the 4th generation and beyond. We will use the Four Fields of Kingdom Growth to guide us through most of our classroom time. Please take a moment to look over the manual if you are not familiar with the process. People from all backgrounds and training experience will be apart of the cohort. If you have the desire to multiply the Kingdom by multiplying disciples and churches from the harvest, this 9 months is for you.


Time commitments

This is 9 months of both class room and weekly training in the harvest with a church planting team.

Class Room Time

There are 16 classroom meetings divided into 4 separate weeks called "modules." All class room trainings are a Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday night from 6pm-9pm. During module weeks, Wednesday nights will be an optional opportunity for practitioners to come participate in training churches around the city. You are committing to be at all module weeks.

Module Weeks:                                                                                                                   

 Module 1 - March 26-30th                                                                                                         Module 2 - June 25-29th                                                                                                         Module 3 - September 24-28th                                                                                               Module 4 - December 10-14th

Harvest Time

A minimum of 2 hours a week in the harvest will be expected for the whole 9 months. There will be different levels of capacity for different people in the cohort. Some will be working multiple jobs at 60+ hours a week and others will be working part time jobs, in college, or raising full-time financial support. During the first module you will plan for your time in the harvest each week. Time in the harvest is either sharing the gospel or discipling new believers and will be mostly done with a co-laborer.

Monthly Gathering

The cohort meets once a month for 2 hours. Time is (TBD). This time will be for fellowship, story telling, worship, prayer, announcements, teaching time, and food!

Overseas Practicum - Nepal

The cohort will go on a 11 day trip to Nepal to "look under the hood" of a church planting movement. The trip will be in early-mid August (exact days are TBD). This trip is an important experience for each practitioner and is highly encouraged but not manditory. We will see one of the fastest growing church planting movements in the world and meet the leaders that are overseeing the multiplication of thousands of churches. The cohort will split into teams and will be training and doing evangelism. We will also be trained and learn from Nepali and Indian movement leaders and learn about reaching unreached people groups in the most concentrated UPG area in the world. 

No one will not be able to go because of a lack of finances. We will find ways to save, raise, and work for the support needed for each person. Please be prepared to ask off 6-8 days of work in August.            A deposit of $100 is due April 1st for this trip.


Application and other info

There is only room for 20 units for the 2018 NPL Cohort. A unit is a single person, married couple or family. If a married couple commits to the cohort they will both be expected to attend the class room trainings. The cohort is a community of practice and we think its necessary to keep this a small group that can learn and advance the Kingdom together. Visitors are welcome during the class room trainings but will not be given oversight, accountability, coaching, etc. 

After your application is received you will be contacted for next steps.