Here are 2015's countries of focus for trainings and partnership:



Canada's cities are extremely diverse and many people in them have never heard the gospel. Currently, there are Christian college students that want to be trained to reach their campuses. There are others that want to reach their neighborhoods and desire to see movements of multiplying churches. We have been working in Canada since 2013. 



Many of Honduras' unreached are deep in the mountains. Many little villages have been reached through multiplication of churches but there is plenty of work to be done. There are many religious strongholds in Honduras but the gospel is advancing. Many believers in the mountains are wanting training on how to reach their neighbor villages. We have been working in Honduras since 2011. 



There are over 20 unreached unengaged people groups amongst Nepal's 30 million people. Under 2% of Nepal are Christians. The good news is that the church is growing quickly in this country today. Nepal needs more laborers with a "No Place Left" vision. We have been working in Nepal since 2012. 

central asia

The particular country we are working in has 75 million people with only 5-7 thousand believers. It is one of the most least reached countries in the world. It is desperate for laborers to invest their lives in searching for people of peace. The amount of lostness in this country is devastating but recently many peoples' attention have been drawn to this country. We have just started engaging this country.