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We offer free training in any of the following areas: 

Church Planting

  • Zero budget church planting
  • How to find willing church planters in your church
  • How to form a church planting team from your church
  • How to find a target to start a new church
  • How to help new believers form community
  • How to help a new church grow towards health and multiply

Disciple Making

  • Simple ways to identify and connect with the lost
  • Simple ways to start spiritual conversations and share the gospel
  • A way to teach new believers how to obey Jesus
  • How to lead a discovery Bible study for those interested in Jesus
  • How to train others to make disciples


  • How to help those desiring to be missionaries get prepared
  • Develop a sending pipeline from your church to the unreached
  • Looking into resources for missionaries to get from point A to point B
  • Forming missionary teams in the Memphis Metro Area or another city

If you, your small group, church, staff, or ministry is interested in training or coaching, we would like to hear your heart and the target group/area you are wanting to reach, and set up a meeting.

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